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28 Locations in North America - Free Shipping to Qualified Customers
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28 Locations in North America
Free Shipping to Qualified Customers
Call us at 800-485-1048

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A Moffett forklift is the ideal productivity tool for delivering plenty in your business, and for gaining more. This screams more profitability, more versatility, more precision, and, therefore, a more competitive edge.

With a Moffett forklift, drivers can unload cargo without waiting for assistance. This faster turnaround translates into increased profitability and better logistics. Every model in the Moffett truck-mounted forklift range is made, keeping you and your applications into consideration. br>
Being the largest American wholesale supplier of material handling equipment, Planet ForkLift is one of the foremost forklift companies that sell bank repo and off lease equipment to forklift retailers throughout the country for as much as 57 years.

As one of the leading aftermarket parts supplier in all of North America, we offer an extensive range of Moffett forklift parts in inventory, ready to be shipped today! Whether you’re managing an entire fleet of forklifts or just a few lift trucks, Planet Fork Lift will not only keep your costs down but will also ensure that your Moffett forklift offers maximum productivity. Moffett forklift is currently on sale, don’t miss out on this opportunity and instantly place your order.

Why Planet Fork Lift?

Being a major Moffett forklift dealer, we house a major range of commonly requested parts in facilities across North America. This enables us to offer a better buying experience, reduce waiting times, and better serve our customers. Our technical support is unmatched, demonstrating a sense of urgency in every case. Our businesses are built on a commitment to exceptional customer service. Our expert parts team will work hard to offer you the options required to help keep your forklifts running and your part orders under budget.

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